Optimize My Landing Page

Landing page improvement: Have useful, original content. Promote transparency and foster trustworthiness on your site. Make mobile and computer navigation easy. Be fast at loading content. A/B split testing (split testing means you run them at the same time). Testing web pages through google analytics. Make two pages that are slightly different and see what … Continue reading Optimize My Landing Page



Pros of Adwords Will show up, it's a guarantee. It happens fast. Cons of Adwords Costs Money Pros of SEO Free. Website is seen as credible because it arrives in that spot because of merit Cons of SEO It can take a long time to arrive. It requires diligence and consistency to get there. There … Continue reading SEO

Google AdWords Campaign

Prepare for the campaign before launching into the it. Using the keyword planner helpful to preparing to launch your campaign. There are three main things about getting your campaign set for launch. Know how much you are willing to spend each day. Plan your keywords/keyword phrases. Write your advertisement. These three things work together to … Continue reading Google AdWords Campaign