Project 1 Flier



A black and white flier to promote a leadership conference for college graduates.


In formulating the flier design I reminded myself of the message, to whom it was directed, and looked to the logos for inspiration. From 8 sketches over the course of 2 days, a design began to formulate. I then turned to Adobe InDesign to put the pen and paper sketches into a digital format. I used contrast in size and value to bring out the most important information, ensuring that one could get the critical information at a quick look. I applied repetition to the design through the use of lines. I did this by taking the logo’s gray stripe and using a similar one to separate the picture from the text and having the top and bottom be bold black lines. I spent more time making small design adjustments based on feedback than I did in placing everything into the design.


The message I am conveying is simple: come to this graduate leadership conference to get a competitive edge in business.


22-28-year-old college graduates who are entering the the corporate/business world for the first time.

Top Thing Learned:

Crucial to the success of the design process is to get feedback often and from different sources. Some feedback should be from the target audience, some from those with design experience, and some from the client.

Title Font Name & Category:

Minion Pro – Old Style

Copy Font Name & Category:

Abadi MT Condensed – Sans Serif

Links to images used in this project:


4 thoughts on “Project 1 Flier

  1. First thing I noticed was the title at the top because of the contrast of the white font on a black background, which I like. I like the use of different shades of gray rather than just black and white. I like that the question is in a box of it’s own, it draws more attention to it and makes it more interesting. I also like that you broke up the main body paragraph, it makes it more pleasing to the eye, and more likely for people to read.

    You should check out this post!


  2. I really like how you made “leadership” stand out. I also like the use of the grey shape to create some variety between the picture and the white space. I also like how you made the DTP stand out in the white space. I also really like the balance you made with the black bar at the top and the bottom. Well done!


  3. Hey Ben, I like the final design of the flyer. You have a unique white space shape. I also like how you put “do you want a competitive edge in business?” in a black box. This helps deliver your message to those who want to be leaders. Great job!


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