Project 2 Event Ad



A colour advertisement for the Gene Mathews Association’s Charity Art show.


This advertisement was created completely on Microsoft Word. I scanned the image and used Word to delete the background of the scanned image, leaving only the ceramic art piece. Then I used the shapes tool to create four different boxes, one for each colour and used the eye dropper tool to draw the colour from the image. Holding Ctrl+clicking on a box and dragging it allowed me to duplicate the box and change the shape to the needed dimensions. Using text boxes allowed me to have freedom with where I placed the text on the design.


Come to an art show to help others use art as therapy.


Teenagers and adults who know others going through or needing therapy.

Colour scheme and colour names:

Triadic colour scheme using Red, Yellow, and Blue, or the primary colours.

Top Thing Learned:

It is possible to create a design in Microsoft Word! There are many tools hidden in the software that makes it possible to design on almost any computer and the most tools are available on Mac Microsoft Word 2011.

Title Font Name & Category: Philosopher: Hybrid

Copy Font Name & Category: Expletus Sans: Sans Serif

Scanned images used, sources, original sizes, location of scanner used:

Source: Ceramics Monthly April 2016. Size of original image 9.5×3. The scanner was in the David O. McKay Library.




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