Project 5 Logos



Create a new logo for a company.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

I started with a company that I liked. I sketched a lot of logo possibilities before I came up with some good ideas. In Adobe Illustrator I created three different logos using the pen tool to create my images. I got feedback and votes on which one was most liked and I then refined the most popular one. I edited the image to be in color, grey scale, and white on a color background.


Shortstop is a pretzel and drink stand to give you that stadium food outside the stadium.


Hungry people, especially those who love sports.

Top Thing Learned:

Layering a shape behind or in front of another shape is the top thing I learned.

Color Scheme:Complementary

Color Names: Blue and Orange

Title / Body Font Names & Categories: Script – Krinkes Decor


3 thoughts on “Project 5 Logos

  1. Hi Ben! Great job on your project, the logo really turned out great – especially the refinements you made from when you posted on the Facebook page! I love the font you used, it’s very appropriate for a “ball park” theme. Your colors are nice to look at, and not overwhelming. You did a great job layering the different objects. I like that you were able to create a road that leads to the drink, I think that’s effective for leading the eye. I’d appreciate some feedback on my logo project at:


  2. Hey, very cool logo Ben! I really liked your color choice, and using the orange for the pretzel. (I also think the pretzel was a nice touch.) I like your choice of typography as well, gives it that classic ball park look. Again really great job!

    Chelsea did a great job too you should check her’s out!
    Chelsea’s blog!


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