Project 6: Stationery



Business Cards (8.5×11 Layout):

Business Cards (8.5x11 Layout)

Business Cards (Large Layout):



Create a logo and use it to make business cards, letterhead, and a watermark.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills)

I began with lots of sketching to figure out how to get the two letters to work together and to figure out which letters to use. Once I got something I liked I wen to Adobe Illustrator and created the logo. I typed BF and then right clicked on the text and created outlines for the letters and ungrouped them, which made the letters shapes instead of text. I then was able to move them how I wanted. I flipped the serif on the F to go up rather than down. I had not thought to rotate my logo until I was working in Illustrator nor had I figured out how I was going to use the colour scheme. I had been thinking of colouring the background in order to incorporate my colour scheme but then I thought to colour the letters, it turned out much more friendly because of the colours I chose to use but maintained a professional look. I was able to use my QR code that brings you to this blog. I learned how to trace the lines in the image so I could change it to a vector graphic and I played with it being different colours and on different coloured background.

I went on to create my letterhead and watermark in Illustrator. I used the same logo on the letterhead but made it all white and put it on the blue (from the colour scheme) background. I used the thin line as an element of repetition on both the letterhead and the business card. For the watermark I enlarged my logo but reduced the opacity of it to 5%.


I have a professional demeanor and a conservative, simple, and attractive style.


Potential clients who resonate with my style based on my logo and presentation.

Top Thing Learned

In Adobe Illustrator, I learned how to take my uploaded QR code from a image and turn it into a vector graphic. Then I was able to change its colour and put it on a different colored background.

Colour scheme and color names: Complimentary Colours, Blue and Orange

Title Font Name & Category: Linux Libertine Regular

Copy Font Name & Category: Lao Sangam MN


2 thoughts on “Project 6: Stationery

  1. Hey Ben! I absolutely love the logo you made for this project because it looks very original and unique! The color scheme you chose portrays the right message you want and that’s really important for the readers to understand. Another thing I noticed was how much your colors stand out on your business card. I think that’s good for your audience to be caught by something like that because it gives it a mature-feel. Great job!

    Here’s another one I liked!


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