Project 9: Portfolio


Project Corrections / Time spent:
I spent two hours and thirty five minutes making corrections on most of my projects.
P1 – 60 min.
P2 – 25 min.
P3 – 10 min.
P4 – 15 min.
P5 – 15 min.
P7 – 30 min.

The corrections I made are:
P1 – I moved the content around a lot. I spent the majority of my time trying to find a way to display the text where there would be white space and better flow to the flier. I increased the size of the title so it would be more attention grabbing.
P2 – I darkened the colours surrounding the ceramic image and changed the text colour to white to bring more contract to the text which separates it from the image well. I changed the body copy font to increase legibility.
P3 – I made the text thicker, brought the lines closer together, and reduced the size so it would be easier to read. I made the colour scheme in the corner larger so more is left when I trim a printed version.
P4 – I reduced the leading in the text. I also brightened up the earth by removing the black background on an early layer so the focal point stands out more.
P5 – I removed the salt from the pretzels so there is less detail to be lost in the logo. I increased the salt on the white logo so the pretzel could be seen better.
P7 – I edited the code so there are no errors in the HTML coding.

I am a quality designer, who not only knows how to present my designs, but takes criticism and makes changes when they are needed.

Potential clients and employers.

Top Thing Learned:
Organization is key when dealing with many files to make on Portfolio document.

Future application of Visual Media:
I am going to be using Visual Media at work to make inter University communication more effective. I hope to also find potential clients and continue to help my wife market her violin lessons and gig availability. I also see the potential to use it for church callings.

Color scheme and color names:
I used a triadic colour scheme for my cover, contact, and table of contents pages. With each other page I changed the colour to match the colour scheme of the displayed project it introduces.

Title Font Name & Category:
Sans Serif: Walkway Black

Copy Font Name & Category:
Serif: Quattrocento

Thumbnails of Images used:
textures-104-l Cover

Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site):
2. Original Design by me.


4 thoughts on “Project 9: Portfolio

  1. Hey Ben you did a great job with this portfolio.. It looks professional and organized and I genuinely like it. I love your logo representing yourself. The image you made for the cover looks cool too. I cant help but be impressed by the content of your blog as well. I believe your skill set has been increased and you will be able to use these skills for years to come! keep up the good work!


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