Welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting! As you follow the posts I hope you enjoy the photographs and stories that each tell.


My name is Ben Fagersten, I’m a husband and a beginning photographer with some design experience. My studies at BYU-Idaho have provided me with great opportunities to use my developing design skills, which can be seen in the other categories in this blog. I plan to go into Human Resources and use these photography skills to compose photos that can be used for communication efforts within the companies I work for as well as being used on my websites.

My experience in photography is limited, about the only rules I know and try to follow are the rule of thirds and don’t let my subjects be overexposed. My primary camera is my cell phone even though I have a point and shoot Canon PowerShot A3000 IS, it’s just easier to have my cell phone with me than my camera. Adjustments were made to the photos below in Photoshop. I adjusted Levels, Brightness and Contrast, and hue/saturation to varying degrees in most of them.

These first three were taken while on a hike with my wife on Menan Butte often called “R Mountain” in Rexburg Idaho.


benfagersten-rockrmnt benfagersten-rebrmnt

Here is a picture of my favourite person (my wife) picking apples!


I don’t often take pictures of my food, but this is something I want to get better at since my sister has a website


These photos were taken on a trip to the beautiful Glacier National Park.






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