Motion – Freeze & Blur

Taking these pictures was a lot of fun! There was a nice blend of difficulty coming up with some ideas and difficulty capturing what I imagined. Some shots turned out better than what I had thought up. It took dozens of shots per idea to get one that I really liked. Many were close but not quite the quality I wanted. So I finally got some shots that I’m proud of.

  1. Driving Car – Blurred Motion

This was a panning shot taken by the Chapel just west of the Rexburg Temple at 1/30, 100 ISO, and f/16.



2. Spinning Ring – Blurred Motion

While I was doing homework at a coffee shop in Twin Falls, ID I took a picture of my ring spinning on the table. I thought it would be a fun shot showing that my ring is in motion (blurred) while the rest of my things are clear. This shot was taken at 1/50, ISO 200, and f/6.3.


3. Rolling Dice – Frozen Motion

I love this freeze shot. It was taken at 1/800, ISO 1600, and f/5.6. My wife and I love to play games together and when we have lunch together we will often play a game. We had this dice game with us from the last time we ate lunch together and it worked out to make a great shot.


4. Throwing Water – Frozen Motion

This is my favourite of all the photos that I took for this blog post. I have always loved photos of water and when I learned I needed to freeze motion I knew I would do a shot with water. So my wife and I played around with different colours for the water and after many bottles of water we came out with this shot. Taken at 1/800, ISO 100, and f/4.



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