Using Reflectors

Reflectors are amazing! Such a simple thing as a reflector or a diffusor can make a photograph significantly better. I really enjoyed seeing how I could warm or cool a photograph just by using gold or silver. Or soften the shadows by using the diffusor. I got a great example of what the reflectors can do with these two photographs. The first is with no reflector or diffusor.

benfagersten-no-reflector 50mm; f/4.0; 1/500 sec; ISO 100

This is the same place same time of day same everything, except I added the silver reflector to add light to his face.

benfagersten-silver-reflector“Justin ‘Boss’ Barnes” – Silver Reflector; 50mm; f/4.0; 1/500 sec; ISO 100

I took the photos of my wife around sunset, because it was getting dark I wasn’t sure if I would have enough light to capture the photographs. The reflector saved the picture! I used the gold reflector near a street lamp at a park and was able to reflect enough light onto her to get a great photo.

benfagersten-gold-reflector“Beauty, thy name is Rebecca” – Gold Reflector; 50mm; f/2.8; 0.4 sec; ISO400

benfagersten-diffuserDiffusor; 50mm; f/2.8; 0.6 sec; ISO 400

benfagersten-white-reflector“Game Time” – White Reflector; 50mm; f/5.0; 1/8 sec; ISO 400


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