Top 5 Photos From Fall 2016

I did not put these pictures in order of what I like best.








2 thoughts on “Top 5 Photos From Fall 2016

  1. Hey Ben I loved your top 5 pics man, lots of variety and they were all great shots. I personally like the train tracks shot the best for a print and think it would look awesome blown up on a print. My next pic would be the girl in the library because I really like the composition and leading lines of the book shelves. As for any improvements, there weren’t many I could spot, besides the orange lights in the background of your first image, they take away from the focal point in my opinion so you could maybe Photoshop those out.


  2. So many excellent photos. I can’t decide which one I like more. If I had to sum it down I guess the train tracks and library photos are my favorite. I absolutely love the book cover choice and the books are blurred in the background and great leading lines. I really love the train tracks because of it’s leading lines as well as the fact that it diverges. Such a beautiful shot with great colors and the focus looks incredible. Can’t really see anything that I could recommend to change. Great Work.


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