Fine Art Print

This was an image that I really enjoyed capturing because I did it on my own, not for any assignment. I went out to try and capture some landscape photos and I drove out behind Wal-mart in Rexburg. I had to cross these tracks and I knew I had to get a shot of them. I really like the tracks that lead to the left, (going deep here) it makes me think of paths in life. Sometimes we get stuck going straight and new options that open up to us either remind us that we want to keep going or give us an opportunity to do something new. The meaning that I’ve attached to this made me want to print it out.

I made some edits to the photo. You can see in the original unedited photo that there is some garbage and a tumble weed stuck where the rails meet, as well as a railroad tie further up the tracks. I used the lasso tool and content aware fill (shift+F5) to remove those, along with three light poles on the left. I used the levels adjustment layer to reduce some of the shadows and I made it take no effect in the sky. Then I increased the vibrancy to bring out the colours in the sky.  There was one sign over on the right that was very bright, so I masked the layer and brushed it at 25% a few times to make it so it wasn’t so bright.

Original, no edits:

f/8; 1/160 sec; ISO 100; 10/5/2016; 6:00pm; Rebel XTi; 50mm lens

f/8; 1/160 sec; ISO 100; 10/5/2016; 6:00pm; Rebel XTi; 50mm lens

Photo after edits:



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