Reviewing my work from the past semester to gather the photos for this photo book was insightful. I got to see and remember some of the struggles of learning photography. I also learned that even beginners get a few good shots in the mix of everything. Figuring out how to creatively group photos together for the different sections of the photo book was a bigger process than I expected. I wanted to avoid grouping photos by assignment so I had to find broad categories to fit everything into. I came up with Chimneys, Indoor, Outdoor, and Portraits as my categories. This led me to develop the brief and hopefully powerful text in the introduction page to each section.

I kept my design simple by choosing white pages with a thin red line as the accent colour and design element. Each topic begins with an introduction page which is numbered with my signature next to it and brief text to introduce the topic as well as my perspective of it and appreciation for it. I believe that simple beauty is the beauty that is so often overlooked by the bold, loud, and daring. We often confuse the latter for beauty because it also stirs emotion. As you view my photo book you will see that simple beauty is referenced to in word and in picture.

window-book-cover-1024Click here or on the image above to see the Photobook


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