Business Types

There are more types of businesses to run on the web than I ever knew about.

I studied about different types of businesses to run on the web. There are quite a few that I never knew about or that I understood but did not know were ways of making money.

Broker – A broker site is a website that brings buyers and sellers together. Much like Craigslist where Sellers post to sell and Buyers go to look.

Manufacturer – If you create your own products, whole products or parts, you can sell to consumers.

Wholesaler – Buy products straight from the manufacturer and sell them to retailers. You become the middle man in the selling process.

Affiliate – Create a website that is made to promote and sell a product or service but, when the buyer is ready to purchase they are directed to a different website. For example you are an affiliate with amazon and have a website selling Oral-B toothbrushes, when a customer is ready to buy a toothbrush because of your site they are directed to amazon to make the purchase. You then get a portion of that sale because of your efforts.

Drop Shipping – This is similar to keeping a stock of product in your basement and selling it online except that a warehouse holds your product for you and when you receive an order from your website for a product the warehouse receives that order and fulfills it. They take the shipping and handling off your hands.

Advertising – Usually this is useful on a popular website because this business model generates your income from businesses buying the ad space on your web page so people will visit their website.

Learning these business models was very beneficial to me, I realized that with my decision to have a photography website drop shipping would be very useful. I found a printing company White House Custom Color that will print a file that I send and ship it directly to a customer’s home for me. This helps a lot with shipping and handling issues that I would otherwise have to deal with.


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