Hosting, Domain, and Building

To create a website you have to have hosting, a domain name, and a website builder or know coding.

I am already familiar with these three things because I have created websites in the past. Since not everyone is familiar with these I will explain what they are and their place in creating a web business.

Hosting your website is like renting office space. All websites are saved on a server and are constantly connected to the internet. If you do not have this capability or do not want to worry about providing this for yourself you can go to a web hosting company like bluehost, hostgator, or godaddy. When you go to one of these companies websites you can pay for space on their server to save your website, which will make it available for anyone to visit your website.

Usually you can purchase a domain name when you sign up with a hosting company as a part of the package deal they offer you. This domain name is what visitors will type in to visit your site, ex. It can be difficult to find an available domain name, so have a list of ones that you like and choose the best one that is available.

Most hosting companies also have web builders available to plug into your web page so you don’t have to know coding languages like html, css, javascript, python, etc. The web builder that I chose to use is WordPress. This is different from the WordPress site that I use for this blog. I got my hosting through bluehost and added the WordPress builder to my site and use it to build my website. It is all coded but I have the ability to customize almost anything I want on the website without know very much coding myself.


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