Pros of Adwords

Will show up, it’s a guarantee. It happens fast.

Cons of Adwords

Costs Money

Pros of SEO

Free. Website is seen as credible because it arrives in that spot because of merit

Cons of SEO

It can take a long time to arrive. It requires diligence and consistency to get there. There is a lot of competition for the top spots.

Method of AdWords

Keywords placed in campaign. Compose ad and it will show up based on keywords. Bid, set a budget, and quality score all affect frequency and placement of ads.

Method of SEO

Keywords placed in prominent areas of pages, each page. Titles, Text, H2, Images, alt text, tags, categories. Link to high ranking people who also fall into your searched keywords. Google bots see the first couple of words are more important than the last couple of words. Getting others to link to your site it is of great value because it is very difficult to manipulate that into happening. Relevance and Popularity will improve your standing. Popularity means backlinks and the quality and size of the site increases or decreases the effect of your backlinks.


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